Hooks Made in England
By Ronn Lucas, Sr.

1. (a.& b.) S. Allcock & Co., Ltd., #W 205, sproat, bronzed, #12, ringed, down eye, paper package, ½” long, Redditch England.

2. (a.& b.) S. Allcock & Co., Ltd., #2811 Limerick, bronzed, forged, #10, looped, down eye, extra stout, hollow point, boxed, Redditch England. 1. Stearns Collection

3. S. Allcock & Co., Ltd., #1810 Limerick, bronzed, forged, #8, ringed, down eye, needle point, boxed, 25/32” long, Redditch England.

4. (a.& b.)R. Turner & Sons, Pacific Bass Hooks, #1, out point, ringed, bronzed, Redditch England. 1. Stearns Collection

5. Woodfield & Sons, sproat hooks, #14, hollow point, tapered, bronzed, 13/32” long, Redditch England. Lucas collection right, R. Turner & Sons, Sproat, #10, marked, japanned, 5/8” long, Redditch England. 1. Stearns Collection

6. R. Turner & Sons, sneck, ringed, #8, hollow point, kirbed, blued, 11/16” long, Redditch England.

7. Kingfisher Mills, #350, #1, O’Shaughnessy, forged, Dublin point, tinned, ringed straight eye 1 11/32” long, England.

8. (a.& b.) John Willis & Co., #6, hollow point, Pennel Turn down eye, bronzed, 15/16” long, Redditch England.

9. (a.& b.) Harrison’s, #1/0, round bend, blued, ringed straight eye, Carlisle hooks, 1 3/8” long, Redditch England.

10. (a.& b.) H. Milward & Son, Cincinnati Bass hooks, #2310 R., #16, bright finish, kerbed, flatted & embossed M (box says ringed but actually contains these), Redditch England. 1. Stearns Collection.

11. Anchor Brand, Spear point, #1, ringed, bronzed, Redditch England.

12. Allcock’s, sproat, W210, #14, bronzed, turned down eye, 7/16” long, Redditch England.

13. Allcock’s, assorted trout hooks, Redditch England.

14. Allcock’s, sproat hooks, W 206, #12, kink out, bronzed, hollow point, Redditch England.

15. (a., b. & c.) Samuel Allcock & Co’s, #198, #1 (largest), 2, 3, Kirby, blued, #1 3 7/8” long.

16. Henry Milward & Sons, Henery Milward & Sons, 2639.R, #7, blued, sneck, ringed, kerbed, 11/16” long, England.

17. S. Allcock & Co., Cincinnatti Bass hooks, 3738 R, #23, 1” long, ringed, bright, kerbed, Redditch England.

18. Edgar Sealy & Sons, LTD., S 1938, turned up eye, bronzed, Redditch England.

19. Edgar Sealy & Sons, LTD., S 1034, #14, Pennell’s Limerick, turned down eye, bronzed, Redditch England.

20. Ludgate, Ryder, Thomas & Co., Kirby hooks, 9283, 1/0, spear point, ringed, japanned, Redditch England.

21. UTK Horricks.Ibbotson Co. hook boxes. The box on the right was made in Redditch England and the one on the left, Norway. The hooks in the right box are Sproat, tapered and marked, bronzed. Interestingly, they are marked on the sides whereas most marked hooks were on the top and bottom. The hook on the left is sproat, marked, bronzed and about ¾” long. The yellow box is from the Stearns collection.

22. W. Woodfield & Sons, #01640 R, #6, carlisle, hollow point, kerbed, blued, about 1 ¼” long, Redditch England

23. W. Woodfield & Sons, #01552 J, #3, kirby, japanned, ringed, about 7/8” long, England.

24. W. Woodfield & Sons, carlisle, #7, 01700, ringed, spear point, blued, about 1 1/” long, England.

25. S Allcock & Co., LTD Co, hooks, #6823, #10, Redditch England

26. (a.& b.) Harrison's, O'Shaughnessy Dublin, #12, tapered, japanned, England, about 5/8” long.

27. Harrison's, Celebrated Dublin, Limerick, #2, bronzed, tapered, about 7/16” long, England.

28. (a.& b.) Harrison's Carlisle hook and box, about 1 7/16” long, England.

29. W. Woodfield & Sons, treble hooks, bright, ringed, England.

30. (a.& b.) S Allcock & Co., LTD Co, hooks, #6745, #3, swivel conger eel hook, almost 3 ¾” long, Redditch England.

Six very old hooks & Wm Mills letter.

31. (a., b., c., & d.) W. Bartleet & Sons, flatted. Hook is 3 ¼” long and a gape of 15/16” at the point. This is one of five large hooks, similar to this that, came from an attic in an old Cape Cod home estate sale. All five of the hooks had different markings on them. The hooks are #31 to #35.

32. (a., b., c., & d.) This is a H. Milward & Son, Washford Mills. Hook is 4 ¾” long with a gape of 1 ¼” directly above the point.

33. (a., b., c., & d.) And another H. Milward & Son, Washford Mills with different flatted marking. Hook is about 3 5/8” and a gape of about 1 1/8” directly above the point.

34. (a., b., & c.) Clerk, Green & Baker hook with a Mason’s symbol on the flat and the name embossed on the bottom of the shank. There is no place of manufacture on the hook. Hook is about 3 ¾” long and a gape of about 1 1/8” directly above the point. This hook and #33 are almost the same length, the bends are virtually identical and except for the slight upturn in the shank and slightly lower point, one could surmise they came from the same hook shop. I am not saying they were but hook companies did private label hooks back in the day.

35. (a., b., c., & d.) J. West & Co., Boston hooks. Other than the name Boston, there is no other name of a place of manufacture. Hook is about 4” long and a gape of about 1 ¼” directly above the point.

d The odd thing with this hook is the embossed flat. It is identical to that of the embossed flat on #31, the W. Bartleet & Sons hook. The Baker flat is the right one and the Bartleet, the left. I am left to surmise that the W. Bartleet & Sons company made this hook for the J. West & Co. and used the Bartleet stamp on the flat. A lot of old hook identification is just not there to be had, so we are left to be detectives and Mystics to try to ascertain the origin of some hooks. Without original packaging found with the hook, absolute identification is not possible. Part of the reason for this is that many hooks were made by several makers and some were identical. Many of today’s hooks remain relatively unchanged for 100 or more years.

36. (a., b., c., & d.) John James & Sons. This hook is embossed with “Made by J. James & Sons on one side and Victoria Works, Redditch on the other. It is bout 3 7/8” long and has a gape of about 1 ¼” directly above the point. It is in remarkable shape with much of the original japan still in tact.

37.The above eight blind eye Salmon hooks are of unknown origin but I believe them to be English made. They were given to me by Davie McPhail from Scotland. For a size reference, the top hook is about a 7/0, 2 ¾” long.